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Our Practice

Choose us for the health and happiness of your pet.

Sun Valley Hope Animal Hospital was opened in 2011 to serve a growing population of pets whose quality of life was being negatively affected by the expense of veterinary medicine and the financial restraints of their owners.

At the time, low-cost spaying/neutering and vaccinations were abundant, but low-cost medical and surgical care for pets, when they fell ill, was almost nonexistent. The Sun Valley Hope Animal Hospital (SVHAH) was founded to fill this void and to prevent animals from being euthanized due to a lack of financial means.

Our Mission Statement

‘We Will Help’ reflects the desire of the hospital and staff to provide low-cost and high-quality veterinary care to families and rescue groups by eliminating the obstacle of financial restraints. A typical procedure costs 40%-60% less than an equivalent procedure elsewhere, thus achieving that goal. Since its inception, Sun Valley Hope has provided over one million dollars in veterinary care and has relieved suffering and saved the lives of thousands of beloved companions.

Where there’s HOPE, there’s HELP.

At Sun Valley Hope Animal Hospital, our purpose is to provide high-quality, compassionate veterinary care for pets at a reasonable price – allowing for the vital and routine veterinary care your pet deserves. Just like people, your pet benefits from regular checkups and preventative wellness care. Additionally, if your pet suffers an injury or suddenly becomes seriously ill, you’ll need a trusted veterinarian to provide the kind of veterinary care your best friend deserves. 

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